Plastic Dentils

We manufacture a large range of fibreglass dentils, which are easy to install with hidden fixings to enhance your customers house roof lining.  We also offer a bespoke replica dentil service.

Plastic cupola / dovecotes

Our easy to install fibreglass cupola /dovecotes come complete with fixing kits.

Gallow Brackets

Load bearing fibreglass gallows brackets which are used for supporting door canopies / porches / bay windows.  We can manufacture these in any size as they are made to measure.  Our Gallow Brackets come complete with a certificated proof of load bearing of 2 ton.

Plastic Spires / Finials

Perfect for updating and changing the look of your house come in all sizes.

Window Shutters

Window shutters (decorative only) made in fibreglass made to size.

Plastic Finials & Cross Brace

Our fibreglass Spires can be installed on top of your clients houses to create an attractive roof line. All of our finials & cross brace 's are made to size.

Bay Windows
Designed to go direct on top of the window, no timber framework required. Complete with lead effect lid with lead effect rolls.

Columns & Pillars

Curley GRP manufacture a wide range of fibreglass columns & pillars.  These items do not need painting, and a maintenance free.

False Chimney
False chimneys manufactured in fibreglass. Made with a rendered finish.  Made to measure.

Columns & Pillars

We offer a vast range of fibreglass Corbels, made to measure.  Corbels are an architectural decorative moulding and will enhance any of your clients properties.

Fish Pond Filters
Fibreglass fish pond filters, ideal  for koi carp fish.