Decorative Eaves Click here to download brochure

A range of three decorative mouldings to traditional imperial dimensions. Manufactured in PVC, glass reinforced plastic [fibre glass].

Curley GRP Eaves Image.png


White Injection moulded plastic incorporating fixing holes for secret fix. Colour matched to the most common PVC fascia and soffit.


Maintenance free features which add character to new build or refurbished rooflines.

New - self tapping 25mm screws - to be fixed through soffit into locating holes in mouldings.




Cut timber or PVC board to size of opening in moulding and fix to soffit board with self tapping 25mm screws. Glue the moulding onto the previously adhered timber/PVC board using solvent contact adhesive. Ensure area to be glued onto is smooth and free from dust, flaking paint, damage or rot and mould growth.




Can be stored outside. Do not lay other items on top of mouldings.



Delivered in cardboard cartons.


Recommended installation